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If 90% of global plastic waste comes from food consumption, then let‘s change the way we consume food.

How it started

“In 2018, I had an eye-opening experience witnessing piles of plastic trash wash up on an otherwise pristine Caribbean beach. I had seen folks on social media with four years’ worth of trash compactly stored in a 16 oz jar and thought, 'That’s gonna be me!' and set about going zero-waste.

It didn’t come as a surprise, though, to experience firsthand that our world is poorly structured for a low-waste lifestyle. Our reliance on plastic is too great—something has to change! That’s when I decided to build Zero, the first plastic-free online grocery store. Zero combines the convenience of online grocery shopping, the affordability of buying in bulk, and the forward-thinking of environmentalism.  

Through innovations in tech and logistics, we’ll make sustainable shopping a possibility for all. The future of online shopping is plastic-free!”

- Zuleyka Strasner, Zero Founder & CEO

We’re leading the sustainability movement—one pantry at a time.

Zero proves that you can have what you want, when you want it, without trashing the planet.

What We Are About

Everyone has the potential to excel; they just need people who believe in them.
That’s one reason we partner with R3 Score to provide jobs to formerly incarcerated people or have past criminal records.

We carefully curate our catalog to ensure our shoppers have access to a wide selection of the highest quality products on the market. 

We work with our vendors to reduce and eliminate plastics from their supply chain and empower them with data and insights to make real-time decisions to reduce their environmental impact while growing their business.

Doers and Believers

Zuleyka Strasner

Founder and CEO

Justin Reevers


Nick Kuzma


Lucy Arnold

Product & Engineering

Yalonda Clark

Operations - SF

Rob Hayes

Business Operations

Ebony Kirby-Hopkins

HR & Finance

Judith Bonilla

Operations - LA

Jessica Suh