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Plastic-free snacks just hit different.

Eating healthy doesn't have to be hard.

How It Works

1. Order

From chips and soda to produce and skincare, shop from thousands of plastic-free...well, everything.

2. Relax

Sit back and relax. Your order will arrive in under two hours, without costing you (or the planet) anything extra.

3. Repeat 

Every time you order, we'll take back your empty containers to be reused again and again and again...you get the idea.

Our Values

Instant Delivery with Lasting Impact

Until now, rapid delivery has come at a price to the consumer: massive markups and service fees—as well as a cost to the environment: mountains of plastic packaging and delivery bags. We set out to offer convenient, speedy delivery that doesn’t gouge shoppers with fees or burden the planet with trash.

Thinking Big While Shopping Small

When it comes to solving the climate crisis, small producers are big allies. That’s why we work with family-operated farms and local vendors as much as humanly possible. Many of our suppliers are women-ran, minority-led, and generally the kinds of underdogs we all want to see succeed in the world!

Our Mission

Most sustainable shopping options are hard to find, difficult to navigate, super expensive, or all of the above. Our mission is to make shopping sustainably even more accessible and convenient than the alternative. 

We’re not about achieving personal perfection for a few. We believe it’ll take lots of us making little changes every day to reduce our reliance on plastic. One by one, we’ll get closer and closer to zero.

Kris M.

"Zero has been life-changing for me! I couldn't help myself but recommend it to everyone I know."

Renee E.

"I’m thrilled to find you guys. I’ve already sent out pictures of the jars to several friends! The food is wonderful."

Grace C.

"I love the closed loop system and just how eco-conscious everything is! We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience so far, we love the packaging and delivery."